Advanced Indoor Research and Development Horticulture Cultivation Facility

To facilitate partnership collaborations, AR3C designed and commissioned an advanced prototype research-only indoor horticulture greenhouse facility to support research and development and associated experimental phase trials.  The greenhouse is configured with 12 compartmentalized and segregated zones with individual subsystem attribute setting controls.  These include electrical/lighting, ventilation, shading, heating, irrigation, advanced data acquisition, monitoring and automation.  Furthermore, the facility is designed to accommodate experimentation activities and cultivation trial requirements where alternative crop layout configurations, lighting and crop density variables can be quickly and easily modified to suit the needs of the experiments.

Environmental conditions can be produced for a wide range of plant climate combinations with variable modification capabilities to replicate desired microclimate states to suit the requirements of a wide range of research projects.

The facility design and implementation is energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable.  All energy inputs are generated from recovered post-agriculture use biomass materials and post-experiment crop remnant materials are recycled and repurposed to prevent transfer to landfills.

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