Algaculture (Algae Production) Project

This project conceived that algae might be cultivated within indoor tank photobioreactor environments to produce viable algae growth. Using a host and nutrient solution derived from an upstream biostimulation process, ammonia and sulfur compounds can be converted by microorganisms into nitrates and sulfates.  The harvested algae could be used as a feedstock for a biorefining process to extract proteins, amino acids, carotenoids, carbohydrates and oils. These can be utilized as ingredients for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical & nutraceutical products.

The evaluation work performed for this project uncovered that the process might also significantly reduce dissolved solids, particulates and heavy metal content in the host solution. This process  clarifies the solution as well.

The procedure provides additional means for commercial greenhouse operators to redirect organic post-crop materials from landfill destinations. It is then transferred to AR3C facilities where these materials are used as a feedstock source to produce algae biomass and near-potable water.

If successful, the algaculture process development would result in an innovative and viable means of establishing renewable, sustainable, and environmentally innocuous methods in the present and near future.  These new agriculture practices and post-agriculture byproducts have potential to repurpose input source materials for new algae-derived bioproducts.

The project is to transition from the evaluation stage to the preliminary design and prototype/pilot plant stage in year 2017.

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