Algae Cultivation and Refinement

The algae and bacteria cultivation and refinement process results in an array of products including biofuel, animal feed, food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical  and cosmetic ingredients.

This algae cultivation and refinement project is unique. Its algaculture process uses a proprietary biostimulation phase to prepare a host and growth medium solution as a precursor for initial algae culture growth onset. The growth medium contains a nitrified solution as a result of the preliminary biostimulation process whereby all natural, nutrient-rich plant liquids undergo a transformation. The plant liquid input material is passively derived from plant vines collected from greenhouse food crop cultivation. This process uses bacterial biofilms to convert compounds and particulates present in the liquid, like hydrogen sulfide, ammonium and thiols, into sulfates, nitrates thus and other nutrients.

Algae is farmed in tanks containing the nutrient-rich solution until they mature. Then they are harvested as a raw biomaterial for extraction of essential oils  and/or drying. The dried material and oils are used as ingredients for the target product types.

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