AR3C International and ATI’s Beneficial Partnership

AR3C International and ATI have developed a mutually beneficial relationship.  ATI is a local greenhouse by-product repurposing company which has over the last 20 years developed advanced agriculture technologies focused on repurposing farm materials in the growing Bio markets. These technologies receive, separate, grind, clean, densify and or produce new Agri products for all the different types of greenhouse substrates (Rockwool, grow bags, plastic cover, vines, water and leaves). Some fiber materials are also turned into energy (electrical and thermal) plastic / fiber pellets and or plastic / fiber boards. AR3C has organized engineering partners to develop and manufacture ATI’s systems to be utilized across the globe. AR3C will also be organizing meetings with other greenhouse clusters across America, Europe, Russia, and other locations to implement ATI technologies. The aim is to partner with current repurposing companies in these other areas if a repurposing effort is in place. AR3C will supply the marketing and funding of the ATI equipment with the local partners. ATI’s developed technologies makes producing new agriculture by-products out of otherwise discarded greenhouse and other agriculture by materials easy. The system that has received awards from Ontario waste diversion association as well as from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

AR3C has organized other bio technologies at the ATI facility that has now been transformed into WECO2 Parks Demonstration facility. With AR3C’s assistance, WECO2 Park development projects will be carried out internationally.

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