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Research and Development

Transparent Blockchain System for development of collaborative ideas and advancements for the WECO2 Platform

AR3C’s Center of Excellence members consists of scientists, engineers, designers, technologists and support staff working together to conduct basic and applied research and development and support services including concept evaluation, design, engineering and prototyping.   Unique and innovative scientific and technological ideas and concepts are developed from lab scale to pilot plant and commercialization stages.

Our facilities include provisions and equipment to support all stages of development and focus on clean-tech products, processes and services, bio-mimicry, renewable energy generation, closed-loop food production, sustainable and renewable products, as well as process and material development based on the re-purposing of post-use agriculture, industrial and consumer materials.

We work with international partners for ideas and technologies that only support the WECO2 Platforms.

AR3C partners with other innovative companies that share broader environmental mission objectives, including, but not limited to; manufacturers of renewable and energy efficient equipment, groups pioneering the use of bio-materials and groups providing products and services for both sustainable and renewable agriculture and industrial ecology.

In collaboration with our partners, AR3C conducts original investigation undertaken in a systematic manner to gain new knowledge.  AR3C then applies research findings or other scientific knowledge to create new or significantly improved products, materials or processes.

We provide a full range of services that include Consulting, Concept Planning and Evaluation, Research and Development, Design, Engineering & Prototyping.

AR3C’s innovation services and partnership collaborations help to create the technologies that will change the way people live and work in the future.  We are a highly motivated team whose focus and goal is to help you identify, develop and implement innovation and technology based solutions that results in sustainable, renewable and environmentally positive outcomes.