WECO2 Park’s Innovative Plastic Cleaning System

WECO2 Parks (former ATI) has developed an Agriculture plastic cleaning system for greenhouse ground and roof cover along with substrate covers, clips and drip lines. The system receives bales of agri plastic, grinds into smaller sizes, screened to remove dirt, soaked in a tank to remove mud and stones, power washed and dried. WECO2 Park’s system can also repurpose agri plastics used in the wheat, bean, corn and other farming industries.

The system uses the heat from a Bio CHP system to power the dryers, creating a highly efficient system. This efficiency translates to cost savings of up to $10,000 per month, increasing market competitiveness. AR3C has organized other bio technologies at the WECO2 Park facility that has now been transformed into a Demonstration facility. With AR3C’s assistance, WECO2 Park development projects will be carried out internationally.

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