WECO2 Park’s Innovative Substrate Separation System

WECO2 Parks (former ATI) has developed a unique greenhouse substrate separation system. The process is unique in the fact that it does not chop the plastic, fiber or root ball into small pieces. WECO2 Park’s system breaks open the substrate bag, leaving the root ball and plastic cover / bar in one piece. The substrate is separated into two streams: Organic Fiber, and inorganic plastic. The root ball is then separated from the organic fiber creating three separate products: Plastic – which is baled and sent to our agriculture plastic cleaning system. Root ball – which is sent to our agri biomass fuel system. Organic Fiber – Which is sent over to our fiber drying / separation system. AR3C has organized other bio technologies at the WECO2 Parks facility that has now been transformed into a Demonstration facility. With AR3C’s assistance, WECO2 Park development projects will be carried out internationally.

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