City Recycle Commits to Becoming the 1st WECO2 Depot Demonstration Center

City Recycle, a waste transfer facility located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, has signed up to become a WECO2 Depot Demonstration Center.   City Recycle offers waste drop off services where the public can leave materials such as paper/cardboard, plastic, wood, yard waste, general municipal solid waste (MSW) and more to be re-purposed/recycled.  The facility has the capability to separate these resources into material-specific streams that can used for recycling and waste-to-energy processes.  This creates a purpose for the waste received at City Recycle and alleviating pressure on landfill sites.

As a WECO2 Depot Demonstration Center, separated materials such as wood and MSW are to be processed and prepared for use as bio fuel to power the H3-CHP gasification units installed at other WECO2 Park sites to produce clean energy.  Plastic materials received at City Recycle are to be separated and processed into pellets and fed into extrusion equipment to produce boarding for the construction and utility sectors.

Jointly, WECO2 Parks and City Recycle have developed a key initial component of the WECO2 Park circular & regenerative eco-system where community waste materials are collected, separated and prepared as input resources for clean energy production and products using recycled materials.  The WECO2 Parks system is a solution and a contrast to the widespread linear economy linear economy system which is a ‘take, make, dispose’ model of production.

The City Recycle WECO2 Depot Demonstration Center is currently operational and welcomes community waste material drop-offs where it is separated and processed for other WECO2 Park sites to use.  Together, we have created a winning solution for the community, the environment and shown how waste materials can be repurposed as a viable and economically beneficial answer for community waste issues!

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