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AR3C – EnCata – WECO2- WECO2 Parks Partnership

AR3C is implementing the EnCata Fir Tech Dome developed by EnCata to be built at the WECO2 Park Demo Facility in Ontario, Canada. AR3C will utilize the building in the same manner as EnCata has, for their Engineering Catalyst Dome in Minsk Belarus, except AR3C is not engineering at the facility, they are hiring EnCata for engineering services and are utilizing the building to focus on developing their and their partners R&D projects to help advance WECO2.

AR3C has also developed a relationship with Lambton College to utilize their new state-of-the-art labs for product testing and more. The buildings will be equipped with facilities where partnering technologies can utilize AR3C’s, EnCata’s and Lambton College’s services to incorporate their technologies, products and systems with WECO2.

EnCata Ecosystem

AR3C-EnCata-WECO2 Park Hub

The Fir-Tech Structure developed by EnCata is scheduled to be built and operational by December 2020. This will help connect EnCata’s Engineering Catalysis processes and the testing services offered by Lambton College; a true international connection to help advance WECO2 Globally.

The Building will house Offices, Labs, Vertical Farming, Crypto-mining etc. as part of WECO2 park offerings.

EnCata Areas of Focus

EnCata is a ONE-STOP-SHOP for design, engineering development, manufacturing and Engineering Consultancy services, working with technology startups, corporate sector and SMEs.

Such a unique combination of engineering talent pool and word class industrial prototyping facilities under one roof enables EnCata to tackle multidisciplinary projects, performing technology transfer and development of bespoke designs and engineering solutions in hardware.

With 10 years of experience in development of various software products and solutions, we provide our clients with full-cycle software development services aimed to improve business operations and enable rapid business growth and scalability.

Our software consultancy and software development capabilities are somewhat unique, as through our expertise in science, deeptech, manufacturing and business analysis we are designing high value-added solutions, helping your business grow and excel in your market niche.

R&D is the key for any business to achieve future growth, manage product lifecycle and survive the turbulence of emerging disruptive technologies. Although investment in R&D is considered to be expensive and risky, there is no other way to survive without innovation in the long run.

Engineering Catalyst is your extended R&D department and the trusted partner for technology development, research and engineering. We tackle the complex tasks and enable research and innovation from the very low technology readiness levels (TRLs) up to proof-of-technology (POT) and proof-of-principle (POP) prototypes ready for further product design and engineering development and consecutive customization.

Whether you are a startup or a market leader or anything in between, EnCata offers solutions catered to your growing needs, enabling innovation and easing market entry through a variety services that our ecosystem offers.

Our services focused on the entire product/service lifecycle from the very concept to implementation, market penetration and PR. EnCtata’s knowledge, expertise and business network allows our clients to plan and expand its business.