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Green Energy

Project Investment that Supports the Development & Manufacturing of Green Energy

At AR3C Invest, we believe in supporting the goals of our investors through the discovery and investment in the development and manufacturing of Green Energy.  The investments are focused on developing green energy projects by implementing a multitude of green energy options. A majority of our green investments are anchored with the CHP technology that was funded by AR3C Invest.

H3-CHP Clean Energy Systems

The gasification process includes a precision engineered and fabricated biomass conversion system that has unmatched efficiency and environmental benefits.  It is an advanced and advantageous method used to convert wood waste, biosolids, solid waste and most organic based feedstocks into a syngas fuel for co-generation of electrical and thermal energy. H3-CHP’s proprietary design captures the generating engine’s exhaust gases and then extracts and separates COcompounds and other exhaust gases into 2 separate streams. The COstream is made available for end user purposes such as industrial process or greenhouse crop growing inputs.  The remaining exhaust gases are directed as an input stream for the gasification process. The gasification node maintains a 1,200˚C pyrolytic process temperature where NOX is almost completely eliminated via thermochemical decomposition.  Any returned CO2 compounds are decomposed in the gasification process to be combusted in syngas form in the generating engines.

H3-CHP is the heart of the WECO2 Parks initiative.

24 hrs.
a day

8,000 hrs.
a year

Around the Clock
Green Energy

No waiting on winds or the sun.
You can read more about WECO2 Parks in this site.

Green Energy Projects are those which fulfill AR3C Invest’s criteria that necessitate a balance of social, environmental and economic outcomes that improves the quality-of-life for all.

Projects Financed

2112, 2016

Pake Farms 1.2 MW Clean Energy CHP System

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This $3M project provided this agriculture/horticulture operation with a means to generate electrical and thermal energy for its expanded facility and operations.  The project was a solution for this company in the following ways: Provided [...]

1001, 2017

Algae Cultivation and Refinement

By | January 10th, 2017|Categories: AR3C Invest|Tags: |Comments Off on Algae Cultivation and Refinement

The algae and bacteria cultivation and refinement process results in an array of products including biofuel, animal feed, food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical  and cosmetic ingredients. This algae cultivation and refinement project is unique. Its algaculture process [...]