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Green Products

Project Investment that Supports the Development & Manufacturing of Green Products

At AR3C Invest, we believe in supporting the goals of our investors through the discovery and investment in the development and manufacturing of green-themed materials and products.  The investments are focused on developing the products and then developing or procuring the equipment and processes required to manufacture these products.

Whether the opportunity is for equipment for recycling and materials repurposing or for the products that the equipment manufactures; AR3C Invest is interested. The majority of the Green Product investment is focused on equipment or products that can benefit the WECO2 Park system in communities across the world.

Clean Technology & Green Product Projects are those which meet AR3C Invest’s social, environmental and economic improvement criteria that improves the quality-of-life for everyone.

Green Product Projects Financed

1001, 2017

Biopolymer Composite Material

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Innovation of a biopolymer composite material type that uses recycled agricultural fibers as a constituent element. The project also included development equipment and devices required to create commercial scale volumes of material feedstock and products [...]

1001, 2017

Algae Cultivation and Refinement

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The algae and bacteria cultivation and refinement process results in an array of products including biofuel, animal feed, food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical  and cosmetic ingredients. This algae cultivation and refinement project is unique. Its algaculture process [...]