H3-CHP’s Bio CHP Clean Energy System

AR3C has developed a Bio CHP system under a new company called H3-CHP. The system utilizes briquetted biomass made from agri, wood, plastics bio materials or other products. These products are transformed into syngas. The gas is cooled and utilized in low RPM diesel engines with electrical production capabilities. AR3C has a demonstration system which generates 1.25 MW. It is utilized to power their WECO2 Park Demonstration Park in Kingsville, Ontario. The Bio CHP system uses purpose grown biomass from the local agriculture industries. The majority comes from the local greenhouse industry, which is the largest concentration in North America. The electricity is used to power the entire innovative farming operation.

AR3C has organized other bio technologies at the ATI facility that has now been transformed into WECO2 Parks Demonstration facility. With AR3C’s assistance, WECO2 Park development projects will be carried out internationally.

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