Haiti Presents New Opportunities for WECO2 Parks and AR3C

“On June 25th, 2017, Mr. Matthew Posthumus CEO of AR3C International and Mr. Jeff Elias Director of Purchasing AR3C, who has personal experience living in Haiti toured Haiti.  Mr. Elias’s has been contacted by groups interested in the development of WECO2 Parks in Haiti.  Haiti needs to develop and implement a cost effective, sustainable electric power supply, which most of the country is in desperate need of.  Other infrastructure components include safe and affordable housing and an abundant supply of clean water combined with adequate sewer systems.  Locally grown produce and foods for proper nutrition and self-reliance are also required.

On June 26th, 2017, Mr. Posthumus and Mr. Elias’s met with several groups interested in partnering and in developing WECO2 Parks in Haiti.  One of the companies attending the meetings was SECOSA S.A.  Haiti group and its affiliates, regarding their interest in partnering and in developing WECO2 Parks in Haiti.  SECOSA S.A.  Haiti is a development/construction company who has all the necessary resources for any type of building project.  Additionally, as they are Haitian based they have a thorough understanding of how local and federal regulations work and as importantly, what is required to get projects completed.  SECOSA S.A. currently has contracts with the Government of Haiti to build roads in remote areas of Haiti.

On June 26th, 2017, the delegation visited some of the Supermarkets in Petion-Ville.  Specifically, Big Star Market (Nicolas Reyes) and Star 2000 Supermarket (Wahid Reyes) at their request.  The delegation also met with several other groups such as One Stop Market (William George/Tarek Zakour) and Giant Supermarkets (Danny Abraham) all of the groups are interested in H3-CHP Systems for Co-Generation as it addresses their concerns with their available energy supply.  Currently they all use diesel generators 24 hours per day to give them the required electricity to operate their facility’s infrastructure, they have no alternative.  This is the most expensive alternative and can only add to the costs of product to the end user.  These clients are looking to alternatives to reduce cost and pass along savings to their clientele.  H3-CHP is offering these and other companies practical solutions to their energy problems.  They have had concerns with the EDH (Electricity D’Haiti) in the past, they have experienced inconsistency due to the fluctuation of energy in the lines and in the food business this must not occur.

These businesses, are looking for ways to create efficiencies with lower energy costs so that they also can grow their businesses in Haiti.  Power Generation is the start of that process, AR3C International can provide this type of power to urban and remote locations, through our subsidiary company H3-CHP.

On June 27th, 2017, AR3C received a signed letter of intent from SECOSA S.A. to work on their behalf developing the first WECO2 Parks in Haiti.  We received the authorization just two days after arriving in Haiti and started the process developing the first set WECO2 Parks in Haiti in the North-West Region of Port-de-Paix and St. Louis Du Nord.

We have definitive interest from the Government of Haiti, to install 20 MW of H3-CHP WTE (Waste to Energy) as the Anchor, with some Solar and Wind Power for electric generation in the Northern Regions of Haiti, through one of our partners SECOSA S.A. Haiti who has signed the letter of intent.  New Opportunities in the future will become available in other remote areas and we will be ready to tackle them.

AR3C has an opportunity to create what the President of Haiti refers to as a “circular” economy.  The Northern Regions have been selected to be the start point and H3-CHP’s Waste to Energy Power Generation System is the anchor needed to start this process; aside from creating much needed electrical power in the service area, the combustion by-products of CO2 and heat will also be fully utilized.  CO2 to feed the plants in our WECO2 Park Greenhouse and heat from the H3-CHP Waste to Energy System in the process to create potable clean water.

AR3C can provide this technology whenever and wherever it is needed.  Additionally, AR3C donates back 10% of our earnings back to each community where we invest; therefore, assisting the growth of each community.

AR3C’s vision has the WECO2 Park Greenhouse growing plug plants for farmers in the communities to help them jump start the farming process with proper techniques allowing for more certain crops and greater yields.  Creating successful farms will create jobs and growth ensuring product for export as well as a domestic supply of food for the country.  This is the “circular” economy which help Haiti grow and become successful.

NOTE: After our visit in Haiti, AR3C was approached by group interested in building 5000 houses in the South of Haiti.  It was agreed that the same “circular” vision would be implemented.  As anchors to the new community WECO2 Parks and H3-CHP Systems.  AR3C will provide hurricane proof housing with toilet & sink, some furniture made from domestic recycled material.  Each home will have clean water and septic systems.  These developments will create jobs in rural under-serviced communities, and allow for the opportunity to support for the electricity being supplied, creating a better base standard of living.

AR3C has the ability and the tools to assist the current government of Haiti achieve this objective in multiple regions.  Growing a “circular” economy in each community we invest in.

June 27th, 2017, the delegation visited one of the largest food distributors with several warehouses throughout Haiti, Associated Food Distributors S.A. (AFD).  Owner Ronald Reyes met with the AR3C delegation and expressed interest in partnership opportunities working together with our Co-Generation system company, H3-CHP.  Additionally, distribution of local produce grown in Haiti by AR3C in our WECO2 Park Greenhouses as they are developed Is another opportunity that AFD is pursuing.  As with most of the food companies in Haiti AFD uses 400-500 KW daily to keep frozen and refrigerated products fresh, and is completely off the grid running 24 hours per day on Diesel Generators.  The Market has indicated significant interest in AR3C’s power generation systems utilizing the H3-CHP System.

On June 28th, 2017, we did some site reviews throughout the Port Au Prince region with our driver and kept in touch throughout the day with our partners in Haiti.  Wahid Reyes’ from Star 2000 Supermarket was kind enough to provide a vehicle and driver for the time we needed to tour the city scouting for other opportunities.

As the AR3C delegation toured Port-au-Prince, Petion-Ville and Delmas, it was noted that the sewer systems and garbage services are not up to standard.  AR3C’s team view this as an opportunity.  Pictures taken during the tour indicate that when it each time it rains, sewers get plugged.  Additionally, garbage gets put to the side of the roads for collection.  This is an opportunity to divert waste from landfills, as we have the know-how, the ability and the tools to recycle waste products.  Currently in Haiti there is no recycling of waste products for the most part, we will take this opportunity to utilize this market with WECO2 Depots for Waste Collection for recycling purposes creating the fuel source for generating electricity from Waste/Garbage products to power our H3-CHP Systems.  The delegation did not have a chance to go to the landfill in Port-au-Prince on this visit, but AR3C understands that there may be room for improvement within that facility.  Yet another opportunity!

AR3C International through another of its affiliates, AR3C Invest is willing to create a WECO2 Depot Investment in Haiti at the Airport Industrial Park in Port-au-Prince.  AR3C’s envisions a program whereby residents bring their garbage from homes or yards and they get rewarded for the recyclables.  The waste arrives and gets sorted and processed at our WECO2 Depot.  This creates the feedstock for both fuel for our H3-CHP Systems and recycled plastic products for use in manufacturing opportunities.  This will, in turn, create more jobs for our circular economy while diverting from landfills and creating Green Energy.  These practices can create the driving force to start a robust export opportunity for the entire country.  Haiti needs to become sustainable and recognized as a leader in the Green Movement.”

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