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AR3C is dedicated to educating and compelling people, communities and governments to encourage awareness and mindfulness regarding how its policies, actions, and mandates impact Social, Environmental and Economic outcomes at the local, regional and global levels.

We endeavor to connect people and communities with the means to improve quality of lives through the development and implementation of renewable and sustainable technologies, business and management practices.

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  • Haiti Presents New Opportunities for WECO2 Parks and AR3C

    “On June 25th, 2017, Mr. Matthew Posthumus CEO of AR3C International and Mr. Jeff Elias Director of Purchasing AR3C, who has personal experience living in Haiti toured Haiti.  Mr. Elias’s has been contacted by groups [...]

  • AR3C International Client – H3-CHP and the University of Windsor Successfully Test Bio-Mass Derived Producer Gas

    AR3C International client H3-CHP’s gasification system can utilize many types of feedstocks to create producer gas, which is then used to fuel internal combustion engine/genset combination units to produce electricity, heat and CO2 as plant [...]

  • WECO2 Parks for Remote Areas

    AR3C’s WECO2 Parks program offers developing and remote countries have a huge opportunity to start a simple, clean, and cost effective circular economy. It is cost effective way for communities to deal with their waste [...]

  • H3-CHP’s Bio CHP Clean Energy System

    AR3C has developed a Bio CHP system under a new company called H3-CHP. The system utilizes briquetted biomass made from agri, wood, plastics bio materials or other products. These products are transformed into syngas. The [...]

  • WECO2 Park’s Agriculture Plastic Extrusion System

    WECO2 Park (former ATI) has developed an agriculture plastic extrusion system to create recycled plastic pellets and or products. Agri plastic from ATI’s Plastic Cleaning System, or received from suppliers are mixed in with agri [...]

  • WECO2 Park’s Innovative Plastic Cleaning System

    WECO2 Parks (former ATI) has developed an Agriculture plastic cleaning system for greenhouse ground and roof cover along with substrate covers, clips and drip lines. The system receives bales of agri plastic, grinds into smaller [...]

  • WECO2 Park’s Biomass Dewatering, Separation, and Briquetting System

    WECO2 Parks (former ATI) has developed a unique biomass dewatering, separation and briquetting system. The system was originally developed to for greenhouse vines (pepper, tomato, cucumber, other) WECO2 Parks advances the agriculture system to also [...]

  • WECO2 Park’s Innovative Substrate Separation System

    WECO2 Parks (former ATI) has developed a unique greenhouse substrate separation system. The process is unique in the fact that it does not chop the plastic, fiber or root ball into small pieces. WECO2 Park’s [...]

  • AR3C International and ATI’s Beneficial Partnership

    AR3C International and ATI have developed a mutually beneficial relationship.  ATI is a local greenhouse by-product repurposing company which has over the last 20 years developed advanced agriculture technologies focused on repurposing farm materials in [...]

  • WECO2 Parks provide Eco-Friendly & Economic Housing Solutions Worldwide

    WECO2 Parks is pleased to announce the manufacturing of extruded, custom PVC profiles, fully fabricated housing systems, window & patio door systems, decking and other building products. WECO2 Parks will design, manufacture and deploy housing solutions to [...]

  • North Caicos Leads The Way In Local Food Production

    Turks & Caicos Weekly News • Sun, Mar 02, 2014 MAKING the Turks and Caicos Islands food secure, providing gainful employment and a useful skill for interested youths are just some of the things North [...]

  • WECO2 Parks announces a Strategic Partnership with Climate Control Systems Inc. to provide Environment Control Systems for WECO2 Parks Developments

    WECO2 Parks and Climate Control Systems Inc. (CCS) of Leamington, Ontario are enthused to announce a strategic partnership to provide superior engineered environmental control and automation solutions for WECO2 Parks systems such as greenhouses, aquaculture, algaculture and [...]

  • AR3C Charity Division

    AR3C and its partners ATI and Pake Farms have donated generously over the past 8 years. With the newly established charity division funded by AR3C Invest, AR3C plans on increasing its investment as each new [...]

  • WECO2 Parks and Lighting & Energy Solutions Become Strategic Partners

    WECO2 Parks is pleased to announce the establishment of a strategic partnership with Lighting & Energy Solutions Lighting & Energy Solutions is an industrial electrical services specialist and will contribute project consulting, oversight and industrial electrical [...]

  • Biopolymer Composite Material

    Innovation of a biopolymer composite material type that uses recycled agricultural fibers as a constituent element. The project also included development equipment and devices required to create commercial scale volumes of material feedstock and products [...]

  • Bionutrient Fertilizer

    This innovative and all natural product is the result of a passive process whereby liquid that naturally drains from plant vines recovered from greenhouse food crop cultivation is collected. The liquid is high in nitrogen [...]

  • Algae Cultivation and Refinement

    The algae and bacteria cultivation and refinement process results in an array of products including biofuel, animal feed, food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical  and cosmetic ingredients. This algae cultivation and refinement project is unique. Its algaculture process [...]

  • Grant Programs & Claims

    AR3C had over twenty grant programs it participated in the last fiscal year. AR3C has helped multiple clients manage over fifty different active claims. AR3C has helped bring forth grant programs that range from a [...]

  • WECO2 Parks and Anchor Hydro Form Partnership

    WECO2 Parks is pleased to announce the establishment of a partnership with Anchor Hydro. Anchor Hydro is an industrial electrical services specialist that focuses on installation of high voltage industrial systems, including greenhouse lighting and installation, [...]

  • Pake Farms 1.2 MW Clean Energy CHP System

    This $3M project provided this agriculture/horticulture operation with a means to generate electrical and thermal energy for its expanded facility and operations.  The project was a solution for this company in the following ways: Provided [...]

  • Applied Biostimulation to Transform Ammonia & Sulfurics into Nitrates & Sulfates

    A process design concept was formulated where it was theorized that ammonia and sulfur compounds present in retention pond leachate liquid could be transformed into nitrates and sulfates to enhance the liquid’s potential as a [...]

  • Water Clarifier/Water Chiller/Heat Transfer System Pilot Plant Prototype

    In collaboration with a Scientist from Russia, a concept was developed where excess process heat from AR3C’s operations could be recovered and utilized as an energy input for chilling, condensing and distillation and combined in [...]

  • WECO2 Park Cooperative System

    The WECO2 Park concept proposed that a system of interrelated businesses and facilities could function as cooperative and interdependent modules to serve as a means for communities, regions & businesses to recover and repurpose post-agriculture, post-consumer [...]

  • Fixed Bed, Linear Downdraft Gasifier

    This project involved the design, development and commercialization of a gasification system that can produce a high quality fuel syngas. The syngas is suitable for many applications, like fuel for internal combustion engines, turbines and [...]

  • Advanced Indoor Research and Development Horticulture Cultivation Facility

    To facilitate partnership collaborations, AR3C designed and commissioned an advanced prototype research-only indoor horticulture greenhouse facility to support research and development and associated experimental phase trials.  The greenhouse is configured with 12 compartmentalized and segregated [...]

  • Algaculture (Algae Production) Project

    This project conceived that algae might be cultivated within indoor tank photobioreactor environments to produce viable algae growth. Using a host and nutrient solution derived from an upstream biostimulation process, ammonia and sulfur compounds can [...]

  • Ultra-Low Emissions CHP System

    AR3C is excited for the launch of the first ever ultra-low emissions CHP system in early 2017. This truly unique innovative project that AR3C is managing, addresses one of the biggest concerns with energy produced [...]

  • Research Greenhouse Center

    AR3C has been managing the project development of the first privately funded and operated, fully dedicated, research greenhouse. Through partnership and international collaboration, the fully dedicated research greenhouse center is set to launch in the [...]

  • Development of H3-CHP

    AR3C worked long and hard to help bring forth a world leading, innovative technology to the global forefront. AR3C not only provided H3-CHP effective business planning services to help launch H3-CHP into both local and [...]

  • Development of WECO2 Parks

    AR3C applied its innovative business planning services to WECO2. WECO2 is an opportunity to develop a true community effort through unique, innovative customized WECO2 Parks. AR3C’s management team worked hand in hand with WECO2’s team [...]

  • City Recycle Commits to Becoming the 1st WECO2 Depot Demonstration Center

    City Recycle, a waste transfer facility located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, has signed up to become a WECO2 Depot Demonstration Center.   City Recycle offers waste drop off services where the public can leave materials such as [...]

  • WECO2 Parks & AR3C to Develop Process to Produce Liquid Fuel from Syngas using Agriculture Byproducts and Wood Waste Feedstocks

    WECO2 Parks is excited to announce a collaboration alliance with AR3C and their partners on a project to produce liquid fuel from syngas created by CHP gasification units. CHP gasification units utilize agricultural byproducts and wood [...]

  • WECO2 Parks & H3-CHP Partner to Install Combined Heat & Power Systems in WECO2 Park Developments Internationally

    WECO2 Parks use H3-CHP Clean Energy Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems to provide electricity and heat energy for all of the site’s process requirements.  The CHP energy system is a key element for each WECO2 Park [...]

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