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Blockchain Powered Investment

Transparent Investment Systems managed using Blockchain with Security and Monitoring of R&D Projects and deployment of WECO2 Platforms

  • Unite different organizations under the common policies
  • Extract valuable insights from funding-related data of peer organizations
  • Use the insights to make better funding decisions
  • Increase transparency and accountability
  • Automate decision making across the entire funding process from processing a proposal to distributing funds.
  • Replace manual admin tasks with intelligent data driven processes
  • Set up automated policies through smart contracts
  • Identify the most promising research projects among all the proposals that fit your focus
  • Assess the received proposals faster and with better precision
  • Embed intelligence into peer review
  • Automate screening
  • Measure and improve your budgeting and management decisions
  • Define KPI’s for funding performance and get customization metrics with automated reports
  • Improve funding accountability
  • Identify areas of improvement of program performance
  • Evaluate the impact of your funds
  • Reports on the Social, Environmental and Economic impacts of the project
  • Get more transparency on funding distribution, get an auditable log of all transactions
  • Forecast the decisions that will drive the most impact based on past performance
  • Get the Results of research funding
  • Protect the authorship and IP of published results
  • Leverage the innovative business model for journals that promotes open access

Secure your Investment with WECHAIN

Beside the obvious benefit of open-innovation platforms, WECHAIN enables the blockchain level of collaboration, security and IP protection, standardizes legal and billing paperwork and simplifies the purchase of research services from the long list of thousands of global suppliers.

WECHAIN is Hybrid Blockchain, powered by the most flexible, secure, and scalable blockchain on the market

WECHAIN employs a linked modular architecture, which makes blockchain-based solutions highly customizable and allows to add new tokens to keep expanding WECO2