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Blockchain in Management and Contracts

Transparent Contracts in Blockchain for Contractors and Service Providers to deploy projects in WECO2 Platform

  • Get the Blockchain level of security and IP protection
  • Increase the speed of your corporate research
  • Standardize legal and billing paperwork and simplify the purchasing of research services from the long tail of thousands of global suppliers
  • Bring your ideas and projects together with people who can make them happen and share your passion for innovation
  • Protect copyrights via blockchain mechanisms – create tamperproof evidence of ownership
  • Protect your ideas by securely recording them on blockchain
  • Share your ideas with employees or third-parties securely – track who’s viewed your idea
  • Access the global & verified database of innovators world wide
  • Shorten the way to the next Big Thing
  • Standardize profiles of innovators with verification of credits by blockchain mechanisms
  • Embed intelligence and automate the screening and peer-review of research projects proposals
  • Fill your innovation funnel by identifying the most promising proposals
  • Fill your innovation funnel by identifying the most promising research projects among all the proposals you receive from employees contractors and relevant research organizations
  • Shorten the time to market for new products via automated ranking
  • Monetize intellectual assets of your research
  • Turn your IP into new sources of revenue
  • Test market hypotheses and get quick market feedback
  • Engage your customers and turn them into passionate fans
  • Track progress of all your research projects
  • Prioritize intelligent capabilities for progress
  • Manage research groups, measure and improve every interaction within them
  • Identify and control project risks
  • Track submitted proposals and issued tenders, their progress
  • Automate tenders and budget distribution
  • Get customised metrics of projects performance and results with automated reports
  • Understand area’s of improvement that will drive the most impact to your R&D units based on past performance
  • Launch projects with confidence – predict their quality and see if it’s at risk before start with our Superforcasting tool
  • Solve the issue of Chargebacks
  • Enable transparency for all suppliers, wholesale and consumers
  • Lower cost for supply chain tracking, counterfeit prevention and inter-organizational transactions

WECHAIN is Hybrid Blockchain, powered by the most flexible, secure, and scalable blockchain on the market

WECHAIN employs a linked modular architecture, which makes blockchain-based solutions highly customizable and allows to add new tokens to keep expanding WECO2