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Blockchain in Research & Development

Transparent Blockchain System for development of collaborative ideas and advancements for the WECO2 Platform

Secure your idea with WECHAIN

Bring your ideas and projects together with Impact-Minded People and Funders who can make it happen for the purpose of building the world better, faster and for everyone’s social, environmental and economic benefit through the WECHAIN Connection.

Shorten the time to market for new products. Lower cost for supply chain tracking, counterfeit prevention, and inter-organisational transactions.

Bring research funding on a new level with our solutions:

Identify the most promising research projects with the highest scientific value potential impact


Launch an open access journal using the WECHAIN publishing infrastructure that provides a new business model for you.


  • Protect copyrights via blockchain mechanisms – create tamper-proof evidence of ownership
  • Protect your ideas by securely recording them on blockchain
  • Share your ideas with employees or third-parties securely – track who’s viewed your idea
  • By recording documents to the DEIP blockchain, one gets tamper-proof evidence of their ownership.
  • Once a document has been uploaded, or edited, or shared with others, that information can’t ever be lost or changed – this is possible due to blockchain’s immutability. All this makes the technology a secure IP registry and allows to share
  • Your ideas with employees or third-parties without fear it will be stolen

WECHAIN’s partners Global Database of Innovators shortens the way to the next Big Thing, delivers a simple and streamlined way to improve Lead Time of Innovation Reviews and standardizes profiles of Innovators with verification of credits by block chain mechanisms

Extract valuable insights from commonly shared grant-related data

WECHAIN unites Impact and Eco friendly funding agencies and research institutions in a blockchain network where they can share data and metadata.

Have processes regulated under the common policies​

The WECHAIN blockchain technically ensures each member follows common standards – rules, policies, requirements – established in the network and regulating the relationship within it.

The infrastructure is easily scalable – thousands of scientific or funding organizations can join to both contribute to and benefit from the network.

WECHAIN is Hybrid Blockchain, powered by the most flexible, secure, and scalable blockchain on the market

WECHAIN employs a linked modular architecture, which makes blockchain-based solutions highly customizable and allows to add new tokens to keep expanding WECO2