WECO2 Park Cooperative System

The WECO2 Park concept proposed that a system of interrelated businesses and facilities could function as cooperative and interdependent modules to serve as a means for communities, regions & businesses to recover and repurpose post-agriculture, post-consumer and post-industrial materials to produce clean energy, grow food & produce environmentally friendly products, materials and processes.  The concept also includes provisions where entire self-sustaining communities could be developed using WECO2 Park methods, elements and practices.

The concept was designed, developed, commissioned and is managed by AR3C in Essex County, Ontario.  The central element consists of a 26-acre site that includes a post-use material receiving Depot, Agriculture, Aquaculture and Algaculture Operation, WECO2 product manufacturing facilities, research and development center, combined heat and power (CHP) electricity and heat generation and material logistics and transport services. This site receives and processes post-agriculture use materials including biomass to create products and also fuel for electrical generation.  The materials received are repurposed and avoid transfer to landfills.  Biostimulation processes produce host solutions and media for aquaculture and algaculture operations.

Other separate location elements of the WECO2 Park Cooperative network located in Essex County, Ontario include:

Commercial Park – includes a post-use material receiving depot, WECO2 product manufacturing, combined heat and power electricity and heat generation.

WECO2 Depot – receives post-use wood biomass material to be used as fuel for other WECO2 Park energy generating locations

Industrial Park – this facility includes the headquarters of AR3C Management as well as a distribution center for WECO2 Products & Foods and other tenant’s food products.  Power and heat is provided by onsite CHP electrical and heat generating equipment that is fueled by biomass from WECO2 Depots.

Energy Parks – These facilities are located in proximity to large scale food production greenhouses and provide CHP generated electricity and heat and are fueled by biomass from WECO2 Depots.

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