WECO2 Parks & H3-CHP Partner to Install Combined Heat & Power Systems in WECO2 Park Developments Internationally

WECO2 Parks use H3-CHP Clean Energy Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems to provide electricity and heat energy for all of the site’s process requirements.  The CHP energy system is a key element for each WECO2 Park site and derives its fuel from local waste materials such as biomass, municipal solid waste (MSW) and biosolids.  The process uses gasification technology to transform waste material into a syngas under high heat conditions with minimal emissions recirculated through the system to be gasified.  The syngas is then used to power the electrical power and thermal energy generation system providing energy to the WECO2 Park and the surrounding community.

H3-CHP, manufacturer of the CHP system, and 3i Engineering, a leading provider of advanced gasification technology crucial to H3-CHP’s highly efficient and minimal-emission CHP systems, have partnered to form a design, engineering and manufacturing alliance.   Under the partnership, all manufacturing of the H3-CHP components and complete turn-key systems will take place in Canada to increase efficiencies, integrate services and to locate in proximity to the WEOC2 Park Demonstration site.

The partnership between 3i Engineering and H3-CHP provides a means for 3i Engineering to continue and accelerate its groundbreaking work to invent, develop and improve technologies to convert biomass and other materials into syngas fuels.  The partnership also allows H3-CHP to implement gasification technology from 3i Engineering for its Clean Energy CHP systems as well as gain valuable insight and direct engineering support from 3i Engineering.

3i Engineering and H3-CHP were brought together by AR3C to enable both companies, in partnership, to pursue larger scale international projects and establish long term technical and innovation security.  H3-CHP has also developed engineering and system features to ensure H3-CHP Clean Energy CHP systems are compliant with all North American standards and regulations.

AR3C is the CHP Clean Energy project management and sales division that organizes and manages project engineering, development, fabrication, deployment and financing.

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