WECO2 Parks for Remote Areas

AR3C’s WECO2 Parks program offers developing and remote countries have a huge opportunity to start a simple, clean, and cost effective circular economy. It is cost effective way for communities to deal with their waste issues, rising energy costs, food shortages, and lack of employment and sometimes homes.  WECO2 Parks offers remote communities a unique opportunity to build and grow while enhancing the lives the people who make up the community. Our system works by keeping things simplistic and open to the community. All the processes introduced are driven by the needs of the community and are implemented in a mutually beneficial way. WECO2 Parks organizes an energy contract for the Bio CHP with the local government to fund the project. Then WECO2 Parks uses some of the energy from the Bio CHP system to power plastic manufacturing and agricultural production. These processes will supply local jobs and products that can be used locally and exported.

This is the beginning of creating the circular economy in the local community. Now the local people have an income to purchase goods, and pay for services. WECO2 Parks also works with the local governments to jointly supply housing when needed for a community. WECO2 Park’s purpose is to supply jobs, food, clean water, and homes so that the local people can support themselves and grow a community and the government will slowly decrease their need to supplement the local community so that the local people can be self-sufficient and obtain a higher quality of life. This is through the combination of green energy, agriculture, manufacturing and export WECO2 Parks.

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